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Undergoing an Interview is possibly the most intimidating aspects of getting a job. It is truly a make or break proposition.  If you shine at the interview, they will employ you. On the other side of the coin, if you mess the interview up- even if it’s just one major area, your chances of being situation you might face during an interview, but the following useful tips will help towards increasing your chances of getting an offer.

Tip #1: Know the Company

One of the first few questions that are asked usually will center on what you know about their company and also why you’re interested in the job. Those who over prepare for interviews often miss this. If you are unable to form thoughtful responses that will definitely make a negative first impression that will be difficult to recover from.

Tip #2: Maintain Eye Contact no matter what.

It’s very common that when under stress your nerves are get off and your eyes wander.

Keeping good eye contact greatly shows confidence to the one you’re speaking to.

So make it your duty to keep maintain eye contact.

Tip #3:  Practice at home

We all know that practice makes perfect. This is also true in developing our interviewing skills.

Before your interview, get some practice done by having a friend over or a family member and let them carry out an interview, with this you will be able to find out your weak points and work on them.

Tip #4: Have a Positive Attitude

Everyone wants people who are a joy to work with.  Bad attitudes is contagious, and it can take down the morale and productivity of a team.

There will be times during an interview when having a smile on May not be appropriate. If the conversation is serious try and lose your smile, but not your attitude.

  Tip #5: The Power of Thank You

Most times a decision isn’t made for days or weeks after the interview. Sending out a thank you note to the interviewing team will leave them with a positive final impression of you.

A hand-written thank you note is by far your best option here. Sending an email is okay although better than nothing, try to use it as your last resort. A handwritten note has a personal touch and also gives it a resonance that an email simply cannot.

If you are looking for a job, all the job seeking advice in the world won’t  matter if your interviewing technique isn’t good enough but by employing these five  interviewing tips, you’ll  be set apart from the other candidates who didn’t bother to take the extra time to prepare mentally for flawless interviewing execution.

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